A Merlin’s Blade Victory!

MERLIN'S BLADEI feel like shouting as Theoden, King of Rohan, did: VICTORY!!!

Three years to the day of finishing draft #1 of MERLIN’S BLADE, I have successfully cut the book down to 105,000 words!

Three years ago it was 154,000 words long, so the last twelve drafts have been quite a process of improving the novel and whittling it down to its most essential and important best.

And each time I think I can cut no further, I find a way, painful though it is. And MERLIN’S BLADE is a better book, by far, than it ever was.

Why am I trying to get my book cut down to near 100,000 words? The reason is that most of the major Christian publishers hold that word count as a close limit on books they will publish.

If they go above that by much, they won’t make as much profit on the book.

And with the current economy such that it is, profitability is the difference between bankruptcy and many more years of service and ministry.

How do I know that this limit exists? I have made it a point to talk to agents and authors to verify it.

No, I didn’t get to exactly 100,000 words, but I think I’m close enough to make the book much more enticing to a publisher. Could I cut more? Probably. But I’ll need more inspiration than I have now to accomplish it. Also, at this point a publisher could easily fiddle with the font and margins to make it fit.

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5 thoughts on “A Merlin’s Blade Victory!

  • Thanks, D.S. and Alex! :D

    I’m currently editing Merlin’s Blade one last time to make sure it’s completely ready for an agent to promote it. |-|

    It’s good that I am, too, because I’ve found two little spots that didn’t make sense with the 13,000+ words missing that I had just cut. :roll:

    -Robert :DD

  • YEAH! Wow. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and I really can’t wait to read this book. I love stories with Arthur and Merlin and your book looks like it adds a new spin to the well-loved legend (or is it a legend.. :)

    God bless you in your journey toward publishing!

  • Andrew,

    Thanks for stopping by and for all of your encouragement. :)

    Make sure you keep checking my blog, because I have apretty big announcement this week … not THE announcement, but still, a pretty significant thing is in the works.


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