Jay Lauser’s Endorsement of Merlin’s Blade

Jay LauserJay Lauser, also known as Sir Emeth Mimetes and the founder of the vast Holy Worlds universe of websites, gave me a surprise endorsement of Merlin’s Blade:

I have read Robert’s first book, [Merlin’s Blade], and as a prolific reader and fellow aspirer, I can honestly and truthfully say it is one of the best books I have read. I highly recommend it for endorsement, reading, and publication.

Treskillard’s research into the culture of the old Britons and Celts acts like a firebrand to the story, kindling it to a brilliant blaze of color and vibrant depth. He masterfully weaves ancient myth with a storyteller’s instinct into an intricate knot of living events that stir your heart and imagination.

Holy Worlds is a “Community of Christ-Centered Creativity”, whose purpose is to: Encourage, equip, train, challenge, and facilitate quality and effective use of niche media genres for the glory of God and the furtherance of Christian culture. So make sure you check it out and join on up.

Also, for those of you waiting for my BIG announcement, (although not the biggest) you’ll have to wait a bit more. Stay tuned, it’s coming this week.

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