HUGE NEWS #4: The Merlin’s Blade Promotion Plan!

Here are my current marketing plans for The Merlin Spiral trilogy! These will be rolling out over the next nine months, so keep your ears perked…

Participating in Blog Tours This includes the famous Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog tour!
Mini-Book Giveaways Think of it as a miniature book that includes endorsements as well as one or two sample chapters from the book. I’d like to pass these out instead of bookmarks, although I need to investigate the cost first.
Hand Sell Marketing As someone well established and satisfied with my day job (and also a busy homeschooling father) I will not have as much time as a full-time writer would to hand sell my books … yet I still want to do this as much as possible.
Email Newsletter I already have this started, but my current software is terrible. I am in the process of switching software and will make an announcement once this is up and running.
Building a Community I plan on completely retooling my website to start a community for fans. You’ll get to meet each other as well as interact with me. This will include lots of bonus chapters, historical information, contest prizes, videos, and fan art!
Join The Battle!
A Book Based Cryptic Puzzle Merlins Blade speaks of an ancient, historical writing system called Ogham. I plan on having the first page of every chapter (if Zondervan agrees) include a cryptic code written using Ogham, which looks like nothing more than a series of line scratches in rock. Translating the Ogham messages will unlock free content on
Targeted Website Advertising My goal is to find key websites where Christian teens hang out and post ads for Merlin’s Blade. If you have any suggestions where you hang out, I’m all ears!
Book Trailers Any of you who are familiar with our family knows that we’ve helped put book trailers together for Wayne Thomas Batson and Jill Williamson. With the expertise we’ve learned, we’ll be putting together a cool book trailer for Merlin’s Blade. ‘Nuff said!
A Free Video Game! While a full-fledged video game is beyond my capability at this time, I will at least put together a free and awesome “walk through Merlin’s village in 3D” kind of game that should be lots of fun.

Merlin's Blade

Day One: Announcement of the publishing contract
Day Two: The revelation of the name of the publisher
Day Three: Disclosure of the publishing schedule
Day Four: Announcement of my promotion plans

8 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS #4: The Merlin’s Blade Promotion Plan!

  1. Just saw on Becky Miller’s post the good news. I’ve followed your perseverance and am glad for you that it has paid off, three-fold. Looking forward to the release.

  2. Thanks, Bob! You’re still on the email list, and once I get that software replaced (it won’t email anyone… ouch!), I’ll be sending out a newsletter announcing it.

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