An Update On Merlin’s Shadow — And An Excerpt!

Part Two of MERLIN’S SHADOW is now finished! And this marks 80% through the novel, which means only 20% remains for Part Three and the climax of the novel. I am currently at a word count of 78,000 out of an expected 97,000 words Each of my novels is broken into three parts, and I[…]

My strange connections with Robert Frost, Gaspard de Coligny, and John Calvin

It was 1995, I had just moved to Missouri, and was browsing that newly expanded thing they call the Internet. I ran across a picture of Robert Frost as a young man, and sat in shock … … I had never seen anyone who looked so much like … me! No, we are certainly not[…]

Chapter Titles for Merlin’s Blade!

This is a first for me. I’ve resisted until now, but feel it is the right time to add them. Now that they’re done, I think they add an awful lot to the book. PROLOGUE PART I: GUILE’S DUST 1. AN ERRAND GONE ASTRAY 2. BORROWED PROMISES 3. A SECRET PATH 4. THE TRIAL 5.[…]

NaNoWriMo? No — NaNoEdMo? Yes!

Okay, so I haven’t taken part in NaNoWriMo (although my daughter, Ness, has, despite her computer crashing on Thanksgiving). What I have been doing is editing MERLIN’S BLADE in a serious way during November, so I guess you could say I’m taking part in NaNoEdMo, National Novel Editing Month. The changes are the result of[…]

The Laity Lodge Writers Retreat: A Travelogue

I arrived back form the western foothills of Texas on Sunday night, and thought I’d write about my experience at the Laity Lodge Writers Retreat. The Laity Lodge courtyard and fountain. (The following notes are as best as I can remember, so if I have forgotten details or gotten the order of events mixed up…[…]

Scott Appleton’s Endorsement of Merlin’s Blade

Scott Appleton, president of Flaming Pen Press, and upcoming AMG Publishers author of the excellent Swords of The Six, gave this endorsement of Merlin’s Blade: Having loved the tales of King Arthur since childhood, I can say without a doubt that Merlin’s Blade is a fabulous reimagining of the legends. This book ensnared me in[…]

Merlin’s Blade … Twelve Copies On Order!

A big, big, day! I finished working through Tegid’s excellent edits this last week, fixed up the cover image last night … and just placed an order for twelve copies of MERLIN’S BLADE! Most of these are for securing endorsements, but a few are for friends. Also, I am 100% through my edits on MERLIN’S[…]

My First Copy of Merlin’s Blade Arrived!

Yes it’s true. I had just finished entering all the (beyond-excellent) edits that Tegid had given me for Merlin’s Blade, when the mailman dropped off the last 125 pages sent by Tegid (thanks!) … and the first professionally printed copy of Merlin’s Blade! And no … for those of you new here … I am[…]

Big News #3 — Laity Lodge Writing Retreat!

I’ve been waiting quite awhile to announce that I’ll be attending the fall writing retreat at Laity Lodge, and that’s been hard to hide since it’s such big news. Why did I wait to announce it? Because until this last Tuesday, I didn’t know if I was even going… And that uncertainty was after I[…]

Big News #1 — ICRS in St. Louis!

Well … the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) has come and gone from my adopted hometown of St. Louis. The amazing thing is that, thanks to Douglas Bond and P&R Publishing, I was able to step onto the floor of the convention, even if briefly. Once I heard that ICRS was coming to St. Louis,[…]

I’m Back Working On Merlin’s Shadow

I’ve decided to pick up Merlin’s Shadow once more, which currently stands at 156 solidly written pages. This is book 2 in The Merlin Spiral, and I would just love to fill out fresh pages with oodles of exciting prose and dialogue … except … ahem … alas … … I want to delay writing[…]

My Thoughts On Authonomy

This is a bittersweet post to write. While I greatly enjoyed the interaction with other authors, I found … at least for now … that this site is not an easy way to get noticed by publishers, Christian or otherwise. To get the attention of an ABA publisher, you have to get your book’s ranking[…]

Update On My Writing—With Secret Link

Just last night I officially finished my 10th draft of Merlin’s Blade, and it is the best yet. Not only have I removed a lot of passive verbs (thanks, Scott !), but I was able to improve the writing at many, many spots. Chief among these was my prologue, which I have rewritten yet again.[…]

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest … NOT!

At least for me … as I didn’t make it to the quarterfinals. But I did get some free reviews of my novel, and for that you would think I’d be glad. The problem is that there’s nothing helpful in the reviews … no real action points that I can run with. Now, mind you,[…]

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Update

By God’s grace, MERLIN’S BLADE MADE IT! It is now one of the 1,000 Young Adult novels selected to go on to the next round. Keep in mind, however, that this judgment was only based on my pitch, and not the book itself. Now Amazon Editors will read my first three chapters and decide which[…]

I’m Back Editing Merlin’s Blade!

What? you say… you’re back to editing? Yes, it’s true, and all for the better. Three weeks ago Scott Appleton and his wife stayed with us while he was on his road-trip signing and selling books, and I had him review a few sections of Merlin’s Blade. What he found showed me I needed to[…]

Are You The Next Ted Dekker?

BIG NEWS! Kevin Kaiser, Ted Dekker’s literary agent in charge of global domination, has asked the question of who is the next Ted Dekker—and he is serious. So serious that he has opened up his normally closed agency for one day and one day only. On November 15th (now closed), he will accept a query[…]

Meteorites #1 — My Family Saw One Fall !!

Yes, its true. And I don’t mean “We saw a meteor”, because most anyone could have seen a meteor in the last few days as the tail of the Tempel-Swift Comet came in contact with Earth. A meteor is something that enters the earth’s upper atmosphere and burns up, leaving a streak of light across[…]

Why I am Writing Merlin’s Shadow, Book 2

To most of you, it would seem obvious that once I finished Book 1 (Merlin’s Blade), I would begin writing Book 2 (Merlin’s Shadow). To me, however, it was not obvious. Unless I can sell book 1, book 2 is useless in the sense that neither agent nor publisher will ever see it. So why[…]