My First Copy of Merlin’s Blade Arrived!

Yes it’s true.

I had just finished entering all the (beyond-excellent) edits that Tegid had given me for Merlin’s Blade, when the mailman dropped off the last 125 pages sent by Tegid (thanks!) … and the first professionally printed copy of Merlin’s Blade!

And no … for those of you new here … I am not self-publishing. This is a proof copy for the sake of verifying my formatting and cover prior to printing up copies to send out for endorsement.

And no … I don’t have a publisher … yet. My hope is that the endorsements will help in that process.

Anyway … here are the pictures!

Merlin's Blade

Merlin's Blade

Printed in 6×9 format, the book is officially 423 pages, not including the three maps.

Most of the endorsement copies will be softcover, but I printed up a hardcover for my own personal proof copy.

And its good I printed a proof copy because the background graphic of the cover turned out too dark. I need to figure out a way to lighten it up. It’s possible that the gloss coating made it darker.

Also… the endorsement copies I print will have Tegid’s edits. Thanks for helping Merlin’s Blade be the cleanest it has ever been, Tegid! Which means the copy that arrived today has many mistakes in it.

But despite that, this is still a historic moment in my four-year odyssey writing this book. Thank you, Lord!

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2 thoughts on “My First Copy of Merlin’s Blade Arrived!

  • That is such a great idea printing up copies for reviewers even though you haven’t landed a publisher. If you can get a big name endorsement, that will certainly help you get a agent/publisher. And I’ve found big name authors are generally open to giving endorsements, email a bunch of them who you think would like your type of book, and see what they say…I bet you’ll find that a few of them will say yes.

    The book looks great by the way! I’m really excited for you Robert :)

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