Merlin’s Blade … Twelve Copies On Order!

Merlin's Blade by Robert TreskillardA big, big, day!

I finished working through Tegid’s excellent edits this last week, fixed up the cover image last night … and just placed an order for twelve copies of MERLIN’S BLADE!

Most of these are for securing endorsements, but a few are for friends.

Also, I am 100% through my edits on MERLIN’S SHADOW, so I should hopefully begin writing new material very soon!

Keep informed about the latest news and events for The Merlin Spiral and the upcoming Pendragon Spiral!

8 thoughts on “Merlin’s Blade … Twelve Copies On Order!

  • I’ve been following your progress with Merlin’s Blade and have read all the chapters you’ve put online. The effort you’re putting forth to get it published (as I think it deserves) are commendable. This last idea is brilliant – making book-form copies – and hopefully will land a publisher. Who did you get to print the books and did you do all the setup/formatting for it?

  • Bob,

    I used The other company I considered was CreateSpace, which is Amazon’s print-on-demand service. I chose Lulu mainly because I could create both hardcover and paperback, which is nice.

    I did all the setup and formatting, but it’s not simple. Mainly I used Microsoft Word, but that limits you a lot compared to Adobe’s professional typesetting products. I also had to convert the files to Adobe PDF using some arcane techniques not normally used with MS-Word. If anyone is interested in the details, I can post them.

    For the book cover: I used Blender 3D for the background, and Xara X for the text and foreground items. I had to create two covers … one for the casewrap hardcover, and another for the softcover, because the sizes are different.

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad to have you following the blog. :)


  • Robert,

    If its no bother, I’d like to know the details you used to convert the test file to PDF. Also – what point size and font did you use for the body.


  • Hey Robert!

    You probably don’t remember, but you commented on a book I had up on Authonomy, and pointed me to your daughter’s blog. I’m excited about this new CD you have up; you obviously have a very tallented family! And when I discovered that you knew Scott Appleton… well that was quite the bonus! :D I’ve been following Flaming Pen Press since I first heard about it from a friend.

    But that’s not what I was originally going to comment about. So back to my point.

    I’ve read several of the chapters you have posted on line, and they were stupendous. I’ve considered doing what you did and making physical prototypes of a book through createspace or lulu, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I’m thinking about doing that in the future with my RD’s… that way, as I’m editing, I have a solid copy of my RD that’s not flying all over my room on pieces of computer paper. :D

    Speaking of Scott Appleton, have you considered submitting to Flaming Pen Press? You probably have, but it was just a thought. :)

  • Nichole — thanks for visiting again! Scott just wrote up his endorsement of Merlin’s Blade, and that opened up a door for a publisher to request my proposal … so, yes, it’s definitely been helpful to print up the book. You’ll find it a lot easier to get someone to read it in that form than electronically.

    Scott let me know after reading Merlin’s Blade that he’d accept it for publication if I submitted it … so that is definitely a possibility in the future! Right now, though, I have some open doors with other publishers I’m trying first.

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