I’m Back Working On Merlin’s Shadow

I’ve decided to pick up Merlin’s Shadow once more, which currently stands at 156 solidly written pages. This is book 2 in The Merlin Spiral, and I would just love to fill out fresh pages with oodles of exciting prose and dialogue … except … ahem … alas …

… I want to delay writing fresh material for two reasons:

Merlin's Shadow

  • I just finished editing book 1 to fix passive sentences … I need to do this to Merlin’s Shadow as well to make sure that these pages work well with what will follow.
  • I desperately need to get myself back into the story after having spent almost four months with Merlin’s Blade… Editing will accomplish that nicely.

So … I’m not writing anything new yet, but I am accomplishing something and laying the ground work for new writing.

Based on my speed while editing Merlin’s Blade, the editing process shouldn’t take more than a month… My sidebar will reflect my progress.

Big News

Also … I will be printing up some personal copies of Merlin’s Blade ! ;D

These will NOT be for sale.

Let me repeat that: … these are not for sale.

They are for the purpose of handing out to a few published author friends to entice them to read it … in hopes of getting a real recommendation to an agent or publisher.

As part of this, I want as professional of a cover as possible, so Leighton and I have been working on putting together a kicker of a book cover using Blender 3D.

So far the results are absolutely spectacular, and I hope to add parts of this graphic to my website soon.

Be on the lookout!

4 thoughts on “I’m Back Working On Merlin’s Shadow

  1. Well, I admit it’s been difficult to read as a pdf. Reading hardcopy is faster and I can digest it more readily. I read several books at a time…and bookmark where I’m at so I can come back to it.

  2. Scott,

    If you get used to reading on a computer, then pdf isn’t too bad—but no matter what it’s a far cry from holding a book in your hand!

    I also know what a pain it is to print it out on plain 8-1/2 x 11 paper. LOL.

    I did this for my in-laws and had to staple it every few chapters to keep it together, and it makes a huge, ungainly stack you need a box for.

    I know agents and editors prefer it on plain paper … un-stapled … and that’s their prerogative. I just want to provide something more friendly and professional for those who are considering endorsing me.

  3. I’ve made some progress on it, but am having trouble with a couple aspects of the image. 3D Blender isn’t cooperating! I’ll get it posted as soon as its finished, though. Thanks! :)

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