Scott Appleton’s Endorsement of Merlin’s Blade

Scott Appleton, president of Flaming Pen Press, and upcoming AMG Publishers author of the excellent Swords of The Six, gave this endorsement of Merlin’s Blade:

Having loved the tales of King Arthur since childhood, I can say without a doubt that Merlin’s Blade is a fabulous reimagining of the legends. This book ensnared me in a manner fiction has rarely been able to do. The characterization was deep, the plot imaginative and unpredictable, the villains made me cringe, and the heroes I loved. I’m a critical reader . . . but Merlin’s Blade is a classic I will add to my shelf of favorites. I highly recommend this book and anticipate its sequels!

Thanks, Scott!

4 thoughts on “Scott Appleton’s Endorsement of Merlin’s Blade

  1. Scott really encouraged me by his endorsement! I’ll soon have nine more published authors looking at it so hopefully there will be some more endorsements on the way.

    Thanks for stopping by, Andrew!

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