Who Was Merlin? — Part 2

This post is Part 2 of a series. Click here to read “Who Was Merlin? — Part 1“. So the question remains: Was Merlin a Druid? That is an open question. Certainly he was a bard, and therefore the question can be worded like this: How connected were the Bards to the Order Of Druids?[…]

Merlin’s Legendary Origin

I was going to post “Who Was Merlin — Part 2″ today, but found an EXCELLENT blog post over at Heavenfield about Merlin and how he “got his start” when Vortigern attempted to sacrifice him in order to get his fortress built. Lets just say ole Vorty was having a bit of trouble. So go[…]

Who Was Merlin? — Part 1

This is a question that has fascinated people throughout the ages. I recently read an article on the BBC News website, titled “Merlin myths and links with Wales“. This article was prompted by the introduction of a new television series “Merlin – The Legend” (produced by the BBC, of course) about a young Merlin aiding[…]

Arthurian Hill To Be Excavated

This is an update on my previous post “King Arthur and Guinevere’s Wedding Site“. Well, it turns out that this historical hill has been purchased by four local villagers during an auction. They plan on setting up a land trust and opening up the land as a nature reserve for both local use, as well[…]

The Lay of Havelok the Dane

For those fascinated by old legends, I ran across one I hadn’t heard of before, in a blog post about a 13th century legend of the founding of the English town of Grimsby. It is the story of Grim, from Denmark, who saved the life of the heir to the Danish throne and brought him[…]

Review of Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

Stephen Lawhead announced today on his blog/diary that there was a review of his soon to be released book, Tuck, over at TitleTrakk.com. I happily ran over to that website, and I DIDN’T find it! So what did your own Robert Treskillard do? Did I give up? No! I made a guess at the URL[…]

More On King Arthur and Werewolves

I found some of the text about King Arthur fighting werewolves in his tenth battle. Here it is, from the Welsh peom Pa Gur?: Though Arthur laughed he caused her blood to flow in Afarnach’s hall, fighting with a witch. He pierced Cudgel’s Head in the dwellings of Disethach. On the mountain of Edinburgh he[…]

King Arthur and Werewolves?

Yes, it appears that King Arthur fought werewolves in a little-known legend. Although not exactly werewolves, but rather “dog-heads“, which are human type creatures with the heads of dogs, or wolves. This is highly interesting to me, because I have my third book planned out in great detail, and in it, King Arthur fights a[…]

Free Online Text: King Arthur, Tales of the Round Table

I found a free online text of the stories of King Arthur, complete with illustrations at Sacred Texts. This is an edition of the legends as edited by Andrew Lang, who was a prolific scholar and author. I haven’t analyzed the text enough to tell what sources he uses, but it would appear to be[…]

Pendragon Sword Of His Father DVD On Sale!

It’s finally on sale! Pendragon Sword Of His Father is available to purchase on DVD at their website (currently under re-construction). Not only that, but they now have FIVE teaser-trailers to view, and one of them has a scene with me and my son, Leighton! I won’t give any details of this scene (that’s a[…]

King Arthur and Guinevere’s Wedding Site?

If you happen to have a bit of spare cash during this crazy economy, you might want to consider purchasing a bit of Welsh history. One of the legendary sites where King Arthur and Guinevere were married is up for auction later this month. Not only does this hill have Arthurian connections, but it is[…]

Where Is The Holy Grail?

I found some very interesting articles today regarding the Holy Grail and its possible location. Of course, no one knows for sure, but it is quite the question to ask, and academics are not without opinions, as we shall see. For my own fictional series based on the legends of King Arthur, I have decided[…]

First Ever Fan Art For My Book

Let’s just say that my kids are fans of my book! Last month for Father’s Day (June 15th here in the U.S.), my children worked many long hours and gave me a statue of King Arthur. They made him out of Sculpey Clay that you cure by baking, with tin foil for filler, and wire[…]

King Arthur Wasn’t English

Y Gododdin Those French Academics! What gall to point out that King Arthur wasn’t English! I can just see the French snearing down at King Arthur from their castle as he clip-clops by with a coconut-shell laden adviser. You can read the news article here. At least they didn’t claim he was French. Now that[…]

Why I Am Writing About King Arthur

The BBC just put up a news item about a King Arthur book, written by Philip Reeve, which won the UK’s oldest book award for his novel “Here Lies Arthur”. He beat six others to win. The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) award is in its 71st year. According to the article:[…]

I’m In “Pendragon—Sword Of His Father” !!

I should have titled that I Might Possibly Be In The Movie “Pendragon—Sword Of His Father”, because I don’t know how the film editing will go. But that title is a bit ponderous, so here we are. My son and I had the wonderful opportunity of being extra’s during filming last Wednesday night until 4am.[…]


I just finished my first draft of my very first novel: Merlin’s Blade, which is part of the Merlin Spiral. The total word count equals ~ 152,500, which I intend to chop down as close as I can to 120,000. That goal is steep, though, and I’ll be happy if I can get it close[…]

Pendragon — Sword Of His Father

I wanted to announce that I found out about a new movie that is coming out on DVD called Pendragon—Sword Of His Father. This film is being put together by Burns Family Studios. The Burns family, who homeschool, has been involved in film making for the past six years. It all started when their youngest[…]

Free King Arthur Unit Study E-Book

If you want to study King Arthur for yourself or your children, you can download a FREE e-book written by Brandenburg Studies. This is an Internet based study in PDF format that teaches all about King Arthur and asks these questions: Who was this legendary figure in history? Was he mythical? Was he real? You[…]

King Arthur Info Worth Reading

I found a great review of “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White. To read it, go to Ramblings of an Owlmoose. Also, I ran across a very interesting article about archaeologists digging at Windsor Castle (the oldest inhabited royal residence in the world) in search of a fabled lost building: Edward III’s Round[…]