The Curse Of The Spider King — Day 2


Today is day 2 of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour, and our book is THE CURSE OF THE SPIDER KING (COTSK), a new novel written by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper.

Today I want to cover a few minor-minor-minor things that could be improved in the book.

Yesterday’s review was over-the-top-excellent, so today I want to balance it out a wee little bit. Okay, so it won’t balance it out—the book is that good.

Anyway, here are my thoughts, and remember, there may be some plot spoilers below. Click to read on.

Tuck By Stephen Lawhead — Day 2

Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

Welcome to Day 2 of my review of TUCK by Stephen Lawhead.

Today I’m going to cover the “not so good”, the “good”, and the “genius”.

Notice that there is not a “bad” list, as I found little to dislike in this volume, and much to satisfy.

Reading it was like a long, cool drink on a hot afternoon. So, if you haven’t read TUCK, or the first two books in the King Raven series (HOOD & SCARLET), do so without delay!

But — be warned: SPOILERS BELOW!!

Cyndere’s Midnight — An Interview With Jordam, The Beastman

Cyndere's Midnight By Jeffrey Overstreet

Today, as part of Day Three of the CSFF Blog Tour, I wanted to interview one of the main characters of Cyndere’s Midnight, Jordam the Beastman. ;D

Now if you haven’t read my review of Cyndere’s Midnight, take a look.

And if you haven’t read my interview yesterday with the author, Jeffrey Overstreet, please do so!

Now bear with me, I know interviewing Jordam, a murderous beastman, is dangerous.

All precautions have been taken, including putting myself into a cage in Tillianpurth.

And I’m not afraid to talk to him. Really. After all, isn’t he a tame beastman?

Well, I hope he is. Read on at your own risk.

(Click the following link to keep reading — interview below!)

Cyndere’s Midnight — An Interview With Jeffrey Overstreet

Cyndere's Midnight By Jeffrey Overstreet

This is day two of the CSFF Blog Tour, and we are reviewing the MOST EXCELLENT craftsmanship of Jeffrey Overstreet.

(If you haven’t read my full review of Cyndere’s Midnight, you can do so by clicking here.)

Today I am “pleased as pear cider” to present an interview with Jeffrey Overstreet regarding his latest book, Cyndere’s Midnight, conducted via email over the last few days.

And he gets some extra points here because I didn’t give him much time to answer these at his leisure, one of his answers coming in at 11:00pm, and another at 1:00am!

He is very busy not only with his day job, but also finishing up the third novel, Cal-raven’s ladder, the Gold Strand in The Auralia Thread.

And if you take the time to read the interview below, there are some fascinating scoops on that third novel, and a bit about the upcoming fourth novel—hooray!

(Click the following link to keep reading — interview below!)

Cyndere’s Midnight — A Full Review

Cyndere's Midnight By Jeffrey Overstreet

Today is day one of the CSFF Blog Tour, and we are reviewing the EXCELLENT craftsmanship of Jeffrey Overstreet.

In particular, we are looking at his second novel, CYNDERE’S MIDNIGHT, the blue strand of the Auralia Thread.

The Cover

To begin with, I really want you take a close look at the incredible cover of this book.

Some books have great covers and poor writing. Here, the artistry of the cover matches the quality of the authorship.

The First Book

I reviewed the first book of this series, Auralia’s Colors, last year as part of the tour, and if you are not familiar with the series or that book, please take a look at these posts:

Not only have these posts proved popular on my blog, but the first one is MY MOST POPULAR book review of all time—by almost double the number of hits than its nearest competitor! If that is any indication of the books popularity and sales, then Jeffrey is well on his way to making a permanent place for himself in the halls of great Christian fantasy authors.

(Click the following link to keep reading — there’s lots more below!)

DragonLight Review – Day 3 of 3

DragonLight By Donita K. Paul

I know. I know. Yesterday’s post was a bit hard. Maybe I should have mixed the bad with the good in my review of DragonLight, by Donita K. Paul.

Be that as it may, I did not. So here we are with all the good stuff!

But first, a commercial: Make sure you visit her website, and also check out the first four books in the DragonKeeper Chronicles:

DragonSpell DragonQuest DragonKnight DragonFire