The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K. Paul

The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K. Paul

My daughter and I met Donita K. Paul at last year’s ACFW conference, and so wanted to promote her latest book, The Vanishing Sculptor, as part of this month’s CSFF tour.

Unfortunately, my “busy” factor is sky high right now, so I’m not going to get much more than the basics and an analysis of the first few pages.

Last year I reviewed Donita’s book, DragonLight, and found it very enjoyable, lighthearted, and fun. It also spoke some Biblical truths.

As compared to DragonLight, The Vanishing Sculptor is set in an earlier era when Wulder and Paladin were unknown.

From reading the first four pages, I think the male readers will identify with Beccaroon, the huge parrot, and the girls with Tipper. Tipper, a daughter impoverished due to the vanishing of her father, must sell his sculptures to pay the bills. Her father returns and she must go on a quest to save not only him, but the world, whose foundations she has upset.

But no matter what I say, Wayne Thomas Baton’s review on Amazon is the real plug:

Have you ever looked at a painting from a distance and thought it beautiful, only to draw nearer to it and realize it was more exquisite, complex, and wonderful than you ever imagined? The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K. Paul is like that. I began reading and liked it. As usual, I found myself happily enveloped in a vivid world full of emerlindians, tumanhofers, and dragons.

But then, just when I thought the work was beautiful, something deep within me started to tingle … and I began to see that The Vanishing Sculptor was far more than simple entertainment or escape. I had one ‘Ah Ha!’ moment after another. Clues everywhere, right in front of my eyes, blossomed into truth until, at last, I put down the book and swam in the rich waters of adventure, peace, and blessed melancholy … that rare state revealing you’ve been touched by the story of an inspired author.

The Vanishing Sculptor is sure to be loved by readers and re-readers of every age.

Wow! Go get the book! And when you are done, stop by Donita’s blog and tell her how much you enjoyed it.

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  1. Very good question, and one I didn’t address. Generally, Donita’s books are Young Adult, although I enjoyed Dragonlight, her previous book, just fine. Lighthearted, I would say.

    Because of my crazy schedule right now, I didn’t get a chance to read this book before the tour came, and oh well. Soon!

    My reading list groweth!

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