Beyond The Reflection’s Edge – A Teenage Review

Beyond The Reflections Edge By Bryan DavisToday as part of the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour, I have invited Leighton, my son who just turned 14 yesterday, as a guest blogger. He is going to review Bryan Davis’ latest book, Beyond The Reflections Edge.

Book Overview:

The main plot of The Reflection’s Edge is basically an “Escape the Goons” yet save the world (or Worlds in this case :) ) It starts with an assassination and ends with one of the main protagonists almost losing their sight.

The Three Worlds:

There are 3 worlds exactly the same, only several years different from each other: World red, world blue, and a world yellow. Which are YOU on?

The Hero:

The Hero is Nathan, a sixteen year old gentleman in an immoral world, a skillfull violinist, an heir of a world famous violinist, his mom.

The Villain:

The head antagonist is Mictar, some sort of crazy guy that gains (power-health-youth?) from magically sucking people’s eyes out… weird, huh?

Who would like this book?

Well… hmmm, probably teens mostly. I guess there’s adults out there who could. it’s geared mostly towards teens though.

Good Points:

The suspense is terrific. Who thinks getting on a doomed plane when you KNOW it is going to crash and nobody will survive, magic mirror or not, isn’t suspenseful?

Bad Points:

The only minor gripe I had was the focus on Classical music. a gripe not everybody will experience.

Will I Read The Next Books In The Series?

One word: YES!

About Bryan Davis:

Well, about him, he’s a great author but to know more you’ll have to buy the book and look at the back cover yourself…

Back to Robert again, I wanted to give my own 2 cents: I think this book is geared toward an older audience than Bryan’s Dragons in our Midst series, so even though my son is more teen focused, does not mean an adult would not enjoy it. In fact, adults would enjoy any of his books!

Also, no problems here with Classical music. Thanks, Bryan, for a great book!

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