Why Thomas Nelson Opened A Self-Publishing Press

If you haven’t heard yet, Thomas Nelson rebranded their WestBow Press imprint as a new POD publisher that is open to any author who has an extra $1000 or so. Yes, this is expensive, especially when you consider that some of the publishing packages go up to $20,000. Yikes! Why would anyone pay to be[…]

Tuck By Stephen Lawhead — Day 1

So we begin at last our review of TUCK by Stephen Lawhead. This is part of the latest Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour, which has now grown to 48 active members this round! Way to go everyone, let’s keep spreading the word and promoting speculative fiction written by Christians! Well, without further delay,[…]

Review of Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

Stephen Lawhead announced today on his blog/diary that there was a review of his soon to be released book, Tuck, over at TitleTrakk.com. I happily ran over to that website, and I DIDN’T find it! So what did your own Robert Treskillard do? Did I give up? No! I made a guess at the URL[…]

Stephen Lawhead’s New Fantasy Series!

I pulled this giddily from the Stephen Lawhead forum, as quoted from the ECPA: Thomas Nelson Fiction announces new contract for Stephen Lawhead When Stephen Lawhead’s Scarlet was announced as the 2008 Christy Award winner in the Visionary category, Lawhead didn’t forget to thank the “little people” in the acceptance remarks he passed along. Those[…]

The Book Marketing Silver Bullet?

I recently read a blog post by Michael Hyatt, the president and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, regarding how to avoid “silver bullet thinking”. By this he means that we should not try to find a “single” solution to current woes, whether as a corporation, or as a country. Often the solution lies in many[…]

Michael Hyatt Explains How Thomas Nelson Chooses Which Books to Publish

In continuing the discussion about the major changes going on over at Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael Hyatt explains in his latest post how they choose which books to publish. If you are an aspiring Christian author, you NEED to read his post. Essentially Thomas Nelson categorizes all potential books into one of these four categories:[…]

Michael Hyatt Throws Down The Gauntlet

Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, has thrown down the gauntlet. How? He has announced that as a publisher they are going to reduce their new titles by 50%. Yes, you read that right. 50%. Why? As he says on his blog: “23% of our titles drove more than 90% of our[…]

Hurdles and Standards For Christian Authors

Going through Michael Hyatt’s Blogs (he’s the CEO of Thomas Nelson), I found two gems. The first is the five hurdles that an author has to pass through to get published at Thomas Nelson, and the second is the book and author standards that they use. Five Publishing Hurdles The Standards of Thomas Nelson Both[…]