I’m In “Pendragon—Sword Of His Father” !!

I should have titled that I Might Possibly Be In The Movie “Pendragon—Sword Of His Father”, because I don’t know how the film editing will go. But that title is a bit ponderous, so here we are.

Pendragon: Sword Of His Father

My son and I had the wonderful opportunity of being extra’s during filming last Wednesday night until 4am. It was supposed to end at 1am, but the filming took longer and we got a late start. Regardless, though, it was a fun time, and a privilege to be part of such a worthy endeavor.

King Arthur – My Odds Just Got Worse!!

Here I just posted about how difficult the odds are to get published in the Christian speculative fiction genre, and now my own personal odds just got worse!

I even knew it was going to happen. I just didn’t think it would be this soon. Once Stephen Lawhead started re-releasing his older books (Song of Albion and the Dragon King series) I knew it was bound to happen. It turns out that he was just notified that HarperCollins is going to “re-release the entire Pendragon Cycle in a new edition with new covers sometime in the next year”.

The Pendragon Cycle By Stephen Lawhead

What does this mean for me? I’m not sure, really. Here I am writing a series of books based on the King Arthur myths, and one of my inspirations is being re-released probably around the time that my first book will be sent to literary agents! This probably makes it much harder for an agent to seriously consider my work at this time.

However … there is the flip side that the added publicity could make it easier. Obviously this topic sells. Obviously there is public interest. Obviously there will be some buzz. “Hey, have you read Lawhead? Robert Treskillard has a book on King Arthur too…”