King Arthur Website In The Works

I am in the process of designing my website at

What I am planning is—from my limited knowledge of the web—unique. What I would like to do is to have the website be a “portal” of the top 20 or so other King Arthur sites on the internet. But I don’t want to do this like a search engine OR like an encyclopedia, per se. I want it to not just have links to these pages—I want it to allow you to VIEW these pages inside of a frame.

Question 1: Why do it this way? Why would I want to browse these other websites from inside your website instead of just going to the websites directly?

That is a very good question. My goal is to make my environment “around” the viewed site so attractive and useful that you wouldn’t want to do it any other way. I want to organize, map, and link information together in such a way that you can easily jump from one topic to another and compare and contrast what different websites say on the same topic.

Question 2: Does this mean that my hands will be tied and I will only be able to use YOUR links?

The answer is “no”. Users will have complete freedom to browse using my linking/mapping/tagging system or else by just clicking and browsing within the website they are viewing. Using Javascript I will be able to detect what page they will be looking at and adjust my display accordingly. If I have that page mapped into my system, then my links and titles will automatically refresh and be from the new page’s perspective. If the page they are viewing has not been mapped by my system, then the user can request that it be added.

Along with this, I am planning on a mini GIS system that will allow the users to view locations on a map and go to pages that talk about those locations.

Question 3: Will you have your own content, too? Or is this just other people’s stuff?

Yes, I will be adding my own content with my own point of view. My pages will then be indexed just like all the other pages.

But the key is: All related to King Arthur! All on that one major topic!

My name for this concept: King Arthur’s Excalipedia™ !

2 thoughts on “King Arthur Website In The Works

  1. I can’t wait to see that. I’m interested in that type of thing.

    By the way, I wanted to welcome you to the CSFF blog tour. I haven’t been doing it for a few months but will start up again this time, I think.


  2. A belated thanks for the welcome! My progress has been slow on my King Arthur website, as I am trying on getting a newsletter system in place for this website, finish my manuscript, enter the Genesis Contest all at the same time!

    However, I have made progress in writing my own King Arthur “indexing/spider” software, and I am now working on getting the results into a database. That data will then be the basis for the actual site design. So I *am* making progress, just slow!

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