King Arthur Info Worth Reading

I found a great review of “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White. To read it, go to Ramblings of an Owlmoose. Also, I ran across a very interesting article about archaeologists digging at Windsor Castle (the oldest inhabited royal residence in the world) in search of a fabled lost building: Edward III’s Round[…]

White Stag Spotted In Scotland

This just in: After the only previously known living white stag was killed and beheaded by poachers near the Cornwall border last October, a new one has been spotted in the Scottish Highlands. Four articles pertaining to this event: Here is a news article that has pictures of the rare deer. And here is another[…]

King Arthur Is Real But Winston Churchill Is Made Up?

This just in: A recent poll of British teenagers showed that while 65% believed that King Arthur was real, 23% believed that Winston Churchill was entirely made up! Also, notable figures like Robin Hood (51%), Sherlock Holmes (58%), and Eleanor Rigby (47%) were considered real, while a large number thought Richard The Lionheart (47%), and[…]

New Excalibur Design!

I have finally finished my design for Excalibur! Up to this point, I have been using for Excalibur a modified version of a dagger that I am going to smith for my daughter, Adele. And no, a longer version of a dagger doesn’t really make a good Excalibur. Not only did it have odd proportions,[…]

C.S. Lewis’ Secret Plan For Narnia

I ran across a fantastic article about the secret & cryptic planning that C.S. Lewis did that undergirds the entire Chronicles of Narnia. The article is in Touchstone Magazine, and it is entitled Narnia’s Secret. It is written by Michael Ward, who wrote the book Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S.[…]

Did Some Celtic Coins Morph From Greek?

I was researching ancient Celtic coins and found a great site by John Hooker & Carin Perron. Through this website you have access to over 28,000 records and images of Celtic coins as indexed at the Oxford Institute of Archeology. Why am I researching this? It is because the characters in my book use coins.[…]

Tolkien, Yeats and the Irish Wilderness

My son and I went on a 3 day trip backpacking through the Irish Wilderness and canoeing down the Eleven Point River. Amazing. This is what our country looked like 300 years ago, as the river is one of the “Wild and Scenic” rivers of the United States—protected from development—so that you see nothing but[…]