GIVEAWAY: 10 Read & Share Copies of Melrin’s Blade!

I’m giving away 10 “Read & Share” copies of MERLIN’S BLADE, book 1 of The Merlin Spiral. What does “Read & Share” mean? It means that you promise to pass the copy on to someone else after you read it! Here are the specifics: Before reading the novel, you register your copy at the website[…]

Announcing The Merlin’s Blade Promotion Contest!

Hello from Robert Treskillard, the author of the just released novel, MERLIN’S BLADE, book 1 of The Merlin Spiral. I have some exciting news … not just one contest, but THREE CONTESTS! And with a grand prize to top them all! So … this is the official announcement of the Merlin’s Blade Promotion Contest! (It[…]

The most extensive review yet of Merlin’s Blade…

Glenn McCarty, a contributing writer, has this to say about Merlin’s Blade: “The success of this book, however, is as much a credit to Treskillard’s storytelling instincts and his abilities at character and world-building as it is to any tweaks he makes to the legend…” The tone of the novel: “[Merlin’s Blade has an][…]

Merlin’s Blade Has Been Released…

Yes, the day has finally arrived! MERLIN’S BLADE has been released by ZONDERVAN! Almost seven years of slow and steady labor has finally resulted in this day. This means that you’ll be able to: find it on your store shelves now or very soon, and order it online or through your local bookstore. The only[…]

There’s a BOOK GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page!

I’m giving away TWO ADVANCED READER COPIES of Merlin’s Blade over at my Facebook page! To enter, simply leave a comment on THIS POST. Then … to get a second entry, you have to share a link to my book page. This can be done by typing a post on Facebook and then typing @Merlin’s[…]

My OFFICIAL Merlin’s Blade Book Trailer !!

After many months of filming, special effects work, 3D animation, color-grading, and soundtrack design, I am finally ready to release my book trailer for MERLIN’S BLADE! The direct link to the trailer can be found here: (Note that this book trailer serves as an introduction for all three books.) Please post the link everywhere[…]

Announcing Zondervan’s OFFICIAL cover for Merlin’s Shadow!

Yes, Zondervan has officially released their cover for MERLIN’S SHADOW. Also, you can now PRE-ORDER Merlin’s Shadow through Zondervan’s! (Amazon and others coming SOON!) If you want to read the official description of the novel, go on over to’s MERLIN’S SHADOW page… And the official release date? September 24th, 2013 !! (Only 5[…]

FIRST TIME EVER: Win a free copy of Merlin’s Blade!

Yes, it’s true! I now hold in my hands an actual printed copy of MERLIN’S BLADE from Zondervan! It has been a long journey to get to this point since I began writing in 2006—but it is well worth it! Not only that, but I’m GIVING TWO COPIES AWAY FREE over at! Now, keep[…]

BLINK’s First Merlin’s Blade Book Trailer!

Here it is folks, the very first book trailer for MERLIN’S BLADE! Tales tell that Zondervan is working on a new one using my blade, so we’ll see what it looks like when it’s finished! Also, I’ve been filming my own book trailer for Merlin’s Blade, so there’ll be lots of fun footage to help[…]

Excalibur Has Been Made!

Yes, with a lot of help, and God’s protection, I finally did it! I have successfully bronze-cast the hilt and pommel for my Excalibur, and here are the pictures. Zondervan is going to photograph this blade for the cover of my novel, MERLIN’S BLADE, which will come out February of 2013. I will begin with[…]

Announcing Zondervan’s OFFICIAL cover for Merlin’s Blade!

Yes, Zondervan has officially released their cover for MERLIN’S BLADE. Also, you can now PRE-ORDER Merlin’s Blade through Amazon! If you want to read the official description of the novel, go on over to’s MERLIN’S BLADE page… And the official release date? April 16th, 2013 !! (And a big thanks to Ember for letting[…]

To Be Revealed Soon: Zondrevan’s Book Cover For Merlin’s Blade!

Yes, I have received a sneak preview of Zondervan’s book cover for MERLIN’S BLADE, and wow am I excited! Let’s just say that it combines hints of mystery, intrigue, and a sinister enemy! And the person they chose to portray Merlin looks very close to how I had envisioned him. There are still some minor[…]

How Important Is A Book Cover For Your Speculative Novel?

I wrote an article over at Speculative Faith sharing a few pebbles from the things I’ve learned on my journey to signing THE MERLIN SPIRAL trilogy with Zondervan last month. Anyway, its fun to pass on these things, and I hope all of you aspiring authors out there find it helpful. Check it out… JOIN[…]

HUGE NEWS #4: The Merlin’s Blade Promotion Plan!

Here are my current marketing plans for The Merlin Spiral trilogy! These will be rolling out over the next nine months, so keep your ears perked… Participating in Blog Tours This includes the famous Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog tour! Mini-Book Giveaways Think of it as a miniature book that includes endorsements as well[…]

HUGE NEWS #3: The Merlin’s Blade Publishing Schedule!

Although it is apt to change, Zondervan’s publishing plan is currently like this: Merlin’s Blade – February 2013 Merlin’s Shadow – August 2013 Merlin’s Nightmare – February 2014 So fans will only have to wait six months between releases, and not the usual year. After working since 2006 on the novels, it will be very[…]

HUGE NEWS #2: Merlin’s Blade Publisher Revealed!

Today I announce who is publishing MERLIN’S BLADE, MERLIN’S SHADOW, and MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE. None other than … ZONDERVAN! Yes, that’s true, and amazingly so. Back when I first began writing, it was my hope that if only I could sign with a literary agent, that one of the big publishers would be interested in my[…]

HUGE NEWS #1: Merlin’s Blade is under contract with a publisher!

Yes, this is it folks! The long-awaited announcement that I am very pleased to finally blog about. I have now officially signed a contract to have all 3 novels of THE MERLIN SPIRAL published! And I owe a big thanks to my incredible agent, Les Stobbe! But who is the publisher, you ask? Well… I’m[…]

Advice Needed About New Sample Book Covers For Merlin’s Blade

NOTE: ZONDERVAN HAS RELEASED MY OFFICIAL COVER FOR MERLINS’ BLADE, WHICH IS *NOT* THE ONES POSTED HERE. TO SEE IT, CLICK THIS LINK. I created these for a publisher to give them an example of what I was thinking for a book cover for Merlin’s Blade. My son, Leighton, portrays the blind Merlin, and my[…]

2011: An exciting year in review for The Merlin Spiral

January I began the year with things “in the works” with two publishers … “A” and “B”. This was as far as I thought I would get in the publishing world, and I imagined that if neither of them were interested, I would be left with self-publishing. Boy was I wrong! February This month I[…]

Computer Troubles…

Just to let everyone know … my laptop got a nasty virus, which is now removed. The problem is that it killed my internet connection except for email. The long and short is that I’ve done everything to fix my internet connection, but cannot. Now I need to backup critical files, wipe the entire computer,[…]