Viral Book Marketing – Part II

One of the thoughts I had concerning what T.L. Hines wrote (see previous post) is that he is really not attempting to turn the book itself into a “virus”, but rather he is attempting to turn “advertising” about the book into a “virus”.

This means that the goal is turn either a website or a video about your book into a “virus”. This is a powerful approach because it is far easier and faster for people to pass (“sneeze”) along to others an internet link than to pass on your book.

To do this, however, you need to make that website or video REALLY catchy. So catchy in fact, so new, so “cool” that people just pass it along like wildfire.

That is TOUGH to do!

Anyway, if you are new to the “viral marketing” concepts, check out Seth Godin’s free e-book on the subject found at

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