North! or Be Eaten — My Son’s Review

North! or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson

Here’s an added bonus for the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour where we are covering the young-adult fantasy novel, North! or Be Eaten in The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson.

The bonus? My son, Leighton who is 15, wrote his own review:


^ OR B E-10. LOL. Awesome book, I was often surprised when Andrew Peterson led up to a pretty cliche plot thing… only to do the exactly opposite of what I expected.

Gammon for instance, he’s the Robin Hood type leader of a rebel group who live in the icy ice prairies of the north portion of Aerwiar. He is planning (as far as we know for most of the book) to betray the asylum seeking Igiby family.

He goes so far as to have them bound and is about to deliver them to the new Gray Fangs of Dang, when he reveals that it was a spectacular ruse, and takes the evil Fangs by surprise and slays them in his own castle!

And then… The High King of Annieria, a.k.a. Tink Igiby, is taken by the black carriage and changed by evil sorcery into a Gray Fang. Woe to his family! LOL.

All I can say is: READ IT! 100,000 out of 10 stars!

4 thoughts on “North! or Be Eaten — My Son’s Review

  1. My husband is a great fan of the Christian science fiction genre, but I am not. Understandably I can never find good literature for him to read but lately I’ve run across some great blogs that are doing the hard work for me. I’d already been considering this book for him, and now that I know its not a bust, I will definitely pick it up.

    Thanks so much for the post,

  2. Shirley,

    Yes, this book is a winner. It leans toward young adult, but it definitely deals with serious issues, and as an adult, I still REALLY enjoyed it.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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