Ted Dekker: Screaming Truth In Storytelling

I found this great interview of Ted Dekker by C.J. Darlington.

Ted Dekker's Chosen

If you take the time to read it, you will find lots of insight into his writing and his perspective on America’s spiritual condition.

Here is a quote:

My desire is to write only that which screams the truth in a world that once screamed it with me, then began to speak it, then to just whisper it, then settled for a gentle nod of agreement, and has now become silent about that truth. Soon I fear they will turn against the truth.

For now I feel I must continue to scream.

As well, here is a great quote about the importance of putting your heart into your writing. This encourages me because I try to do this as much as I can. Sometimes I weep for our nation, and for those around me that are lost, and I would hope that this comes out in my writing.

A ton of storytelling technique has to do with heart. But writing isn’t as much about getting better at technique, it’s about changing and growing yourself. I read some of my older stuff and wish I could change some bad habits I had, but the heart was all there and I’m sure there are plenty of readers who like the old as much as the new. Though your technique may change, what really matters is your heart and the way you put heart into your story.

Thanks, CJ, for conducting such a great interview!

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2 thoughts on “Ted Dekker: Screaming Truth In Storytelling

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  • Andrew,

    Thanks for stopping by. I consider your post somewhat of an advertisement, but I understand your position trying to promote your book—I’ll hopefully be in the same spot in the next few years!

    The premise for your novel looks very intriguing.

    Best of God’s blessings on your writing!


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