New CSFF Blog Tour Banners

I wanted to announce the availability of some new banners that you can use to help promote the CSFF Blog Tour. I created these using the fantastic photo on the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour site, and made three different types of images, each in four different sizes.

Here is a sample of what they look like:

CSFF Blog Tour Banners

The image types are as follows:

  • Picture Frame (works best on a white background)
  • Flat Banner (works on any background)
  • Beveled Button (works on any background)

The Sizes range from large (570×150) to fairly small (150×50), with the Picture Frame versions slightly larger than the others.

To see what all of the samples look like, click here.

Right now I don’t have any code to help you link to using these images, and I would encourage you to copy the images to your own site rather than making your image draw from my website. They will soon have the images available on the site under their “Banners” button at the top, and hopefully they will have code there that will help you link to their site.

In the meantime, you can get a head-start by getting a copy here.

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