Optimistic Plotting – New Book Graphing Idea

Timothy Fish on his blog has an interesting article that talks about Optimistic Plots vs. Pessimistic Plots. As part of this, he has a sample plot graph, which is somewhat similar to the THIRST™ concept that I am promoting here.

Take a look—its a whole new way of looking at plots that made me think.

Thanks, Timothy!

2 thoughts on “Optimistic Plotting – New Book Graphing Idea

  1. I agree, Marcus.

    I had not thought about how encouraging/uplifiting a book can or should be. To me, I’ve always thought, if it ends happy, it’s good, right? But it’s true that if the entire journey was depressing a happy ending may not justify it. But then life isn’t always like that, and that’s the tightrope.

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