Merlin’s Shadow Has Been Released…!

Yes, book 2 has finally arrived! MERLIN’S SHADOW has been released by BLINK YA BOOKS!

Six months since the release of MERLIN’S BLADE, and six more months until MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE arrives!

This means that you’ll be able to:

  • find it on your store shelves now or very soon, and
  • order it online or through your local bookstore.

Age Appropriateness of Merlin’s Shadow

The novel will be enjoyable for ages 13 on up to 113, but someone younger could enjoy it if they’re an advanced reader and don’t mind some violence.

The novel is completely clean in every other respect and is family friendly.

About Merlin’s Shadow

Just to set expectations: my Merlin is NOT a wizard, but is rather an eighteen year-old, shy, son of a swordsmith.

One Dangerous Journey

Merlin and his friends flee with little Arthur and are chased by Vortigern, who is ready to kill the heir to the throne of Britain. But even as they try to escape his snare, they encounter a worse fate, and Merlin must choose either death or slavery.

Two Desperate Choices

Merlin’s sister finds something hidden underneath the malevolent Druid Stone. Now she is able to spy on Merlin from afar and even hurt him. But this fearsome power comes with a price, and she also must choose… either forsake everything she holds dear or give up her very soul.

And Britain’s Future Hangs in the Balance

And in the midst of everything else, Merlin must come to peace with his scars to save the fragile love he shares with Natalenya. And when he is betrayed and must sail to the land of eternal darkness to fight an ancient evil, can Merlin strengthen his tottering faith… before it’s too late?

If you want to read two sample chapters, simply click here.

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Where to get Merlin’s Shadow

You should now be able to buy the novel worldwide … here are a few links to help out:

In the U.S.A.:


And you’ll find it in most other countries as well … including Japan, Germany, France, South Africa, the Czech Republic, and many, many more.

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