GIVEAWAY: 10 Read & Share Copies of Melrin’s Blade!

I’m giving away 10 “Read & Share” copies of MERLIN’S BLADE, book 1 of The Merlin Spiral.

What does “Read & Share” mean? It means that you promise to pass the copy on to someone else after you read it! Here are the specifics:

  1. Before reading the novel, you register your copy at the website for the series. Once you confirm your registration, you’ll get a FREE EXCLUSIVE link to a sneak-preview of the next book in the series: MERLIN’S SHADOW.
  2. After reading the novel, you promptly give the novel to someone outside your immediate family, and you show them this agreement to make sure they understand the terms.

To enter the giveaway, just comment between now and July 16th on one of the following posts: this blog, on Facebook, or on Google+, and I’ll select the winners form the combined list.

When you comment, be sure to leave your NAME and the closest MAJOR CITY from where you live. My goal is to geographically spread the books out.

And my apologies to international fans … due to exorbitant shipping costs, I have to confine the giveaway to the USA & Canada.

Thank you!

If you’re not familiar with Merlin’s Blade, here’s the text from the back cover of the book:

Merlin’s Greatest Weakness Could Become His Greatest Strength

When a meteorite crashes near a small village in fifth-century Britain, it brings with it a mysterious black stone that bewitches anyone who comes in contact with its glow—a power the druids hope to use to destroy King Uthur’s kingdom.

The only person who seems immune is a young, shy, half-blind swordsmith’s son named Merlin.

As his family, village, and even the young Arthur, are placed in danger, Merlin must face his fears and his blindness to take hold of the role ordained for him.

But when he is surrounded by adversaries, how will he save the girl he cherishes and rid Britain of this deadly evil … without losing his life?

Book includes location map and detailed character index.

6 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: 10 Read & Share Copies of Melrin’s Blade!

  1. I love this “Pay It Forward” win. I’m hopin you choose David Tooley of The Chicago metro as one of your sharers.

  2. I enjoyed the free download of the first chapter. Now I’m looking forward to the remainder of Merlin’s Blade!

  3. That’s a really cool idea. I live in Northeast Georgia, about an hour from Atlanta.

  4. Oops – -just missed hearing about this by one day!

    I guess I’ll just have to take advantage of the Amazon sale, then. ;)

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