The most extensive review yet of Merlin’s Blade…


Glenn McCarty, a contributing writer, has this to say about Merlin’s Blade:

“The success of this book, however, is as much a credit to Treskillard’s storytelling instincts and his abilities at character and world-building as it is to any tweaks he makes to the legend…”

The tone of the novel:

“[Merlin’s Blade has an] earthy tone, wry humor, and [a] depiction of authentic characters situated amidst a cosmic backdrop…

My pacing:

“[Trekillard] has achieved one of the most difficult feats to master in high fantasy epics like this…weaving together a handful of storylines into a cohesive, expertly-paced narrative.”

The spiritual content:

“Treskillard also handles the spiritual content deftly.”

And here’s his thoughts about my take on Merlin himself:

“We live in an era where realism in superheroes is the rage (Nolan’s Batman trilogy, for example). So, in a way, it’s refreshing to see Merlin not have magic in his bag of tricks. Instead, he has to rely on his determination, courage, and spiritual devotion to get by.”

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