Important Announcement On My Book Series

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I am about 12% through editing book 1 of the Merlin Spiral. My goal is to reduce my book from 154,000 words down to 100,000 words—if possible.

So far I am on course. Although I am only a small percentage through my book, I have already cut 7,500 words! And that without sacrificing my plot, characters, or creativity.

And my book is MUCH stronger and will read faster. Most was just subtle overwriting. Something you might not notice, but it was there. And my eye is getting stronger to spot this and I will be able to write leaner and meaner from here on out.

And yes, for those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, the name of my series has changed. Why?

It is because I have made a decision to split my five book series into two trilogies … The Merlin Spiral with Books 1-3, and The Pendragon Spiral with its own Books 1-3.

The Merlin Spiral

This affords me a few advantages:

  • A publisher will not have to initially commit to as many books as I eventually want to write, allowing them an earlier exit and more comfort if sales do not live up to expectations (although this is NOT the goal!).
  • I will be allowed to take a breather between the two series, taking some pressure off to get a book out every single year six years in a row.
  • It allows me to write more about Merlin, and make him clearly the focus for the first three books. This makes it possible to fit in a book that didn’t fit before about Merlin—one that is on my heart maybe more than the others, but doesn’t deal with Arthur quite as much.
  • My “spiral” logo is a triskele, which has three spirals whirling out from the center. This logo makes perfect sense for a trilogy.

So here’s the book names as they now stand:

The Merlin Spiral

  1. Merlin’s Blade
  2. Merlin’s Shadow
  3. Merlin’s Nightmare

The Pendragon Spiral

  1. Arthur’s Blade
  2. Pendragon’s Blood
  3. Morgana’s Hour

Tune in soon for an update about how God has allowed my daughter and I to attend the ACFW conference coming up in a little over two weeks! But let me give a taste: God acted amazingly in a single hour.