The Benefits Of A Writing Log

Back on January 3rd I wrote a post about how I had begun logging the number of words I write each day.

And in that post, my predicted finish was May 26, which was two days ago.

So how have I done? Did I keep up my word count? At that time I predicted I would be done on that date if I wrote 420 words each day, and to date, I have averaged 446!

But I’m still not done. I am at 95% complete, with a predicted finish of June 11th. Only 2 weeks away!

Why did I not make the date if I kept up my word count, and even went beyond? My plot has grown some, and that has pushed it out.

HOWEVER … and this is the big news: I am now in the middle of the FINAL chapter … the most exciting part of the entire book! So even if I didn’t finish on May 26th, I did make it to that FINAL CHAPTER!

I still have an epilogue to write after this chapter in order to tie up loose ends and set in motion the next book, but that should be no more than five to seven pages.

Can a writing log can help you? My answer is emphatically YES!

2 thoughts on “The Benefits Of A Writing Log

  1. Very nice blog site, Robert. I’m coming here from the Lawhead forum and have checked out your blog a few times. I’m impressed by the amount of topics you cover. I will try to stop by periodically and see what you’re up to!

  2. Thanks for stopping by so often, Dan! You’re always welcome!

    I wish I could contribute more to the Stephen Lawhead forum, but with the blog, my book, and everything else, I keep pretty busy. Maybe things will heat up on the forum, though, when Tuck comes out. That will be fun! :)

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