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The Begotten

This month for the Christian Science-Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour, we are reviewing Lisa T. Bergren‘s novel The Begotten.

Here is the info from the inside flap:

In this tantalizing thriller of light and darkness, prophecy and deceit, the fate of the world hangs in the balance…

The year is 1339, and a secret a half millennium old is on the brink of being exposed. Centuries ago, the Church compiled the letters written by Paul with other texts to form the foundation of the Christian canon, which eventually became the Bible we know today. But what the world doesn’t know is that Paul may have written another letter—a letter speaking of men and women who, though begotten of men, possess mysterious spiritual gifts. When a monk, claiming diving inspiration, copied the uncanonized missive—and illuminated it with a magnificent vision of a beautiful woman prophesied to be the first of the Gifted—he was subject to a fiery death.

But somehow, the letter survived…

Now, generations later, the time has come for the Gifted to gather. The beautiful healer, the wise priest, the knight with faith enough to leave the Church—all will return to Siena to face enemies from within their ranks and without. But as their gifts grow more powerful, so do those who wish to destroy them. They must race against time to find the rest of the Gifted, and to decipher the prophecy that foretold of their coming. For only by combining their powers will they escape those determined to destroy them, and uncover the secret of the letter that will determine the face of the Church … and the world.

More To Come

Not having read the book, I will try and post my thoughts about the basic plot tomorrow, but you can click here for the author’s website.

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