Well Install — Parts List

If anyone is interested, here are the parts that we used in our well installation. This might just save you some headaches, but always check with the manufacturer in case anything in their products have changed:

Well Drop Pipe: 300′ roll of EndoPure 1-1/4″ IPS (Iron Pipe Size) form Endot Industries.
Pump: Grundfos/Franklin Electric (pre-existing from previous well install).
Check-valve: Brass (pre-existing from previous well install).
Pitless Adapter: Brass (pre-existing from previous well install).
Fittings: Brass Mac-Pak fittings from AY McDonald, model #4753-33 1-1/4″ (converts HDPE pipe to 1-1/4″ Male Iron Pipe)
Mac-Pak Insert Stiffeners: Stainless Steel (used to prevent the Mac-Pak fittings from crushing the plastic pipe) Part #73 (1-1/4 S/S Insert F/IPS PE) from Ford Meter Box. Probably sold by AY McDonald as well.

You will need to contact the manufacturers to find a distributor in your area.