Well Install — Part 2

Sometimes my son calls me Puddleglum (of course, I tease him back and call him GloomyPoodle), and yes, I can can be pessimistic at times. I tend to think of it as being a realist, but to an optimistic 13 year old, I sure sound pessimistic.

The funny thing is that I actually think of myself as an optimist! Go figure!

Anyway, now that we have the right tubing, it turns out the gentlemen who sold it to me gave me the wrong fittings for it. And then he refused to refund the money—and topped it off with saying he couldn’t order the correct parts! Thankfully, his boss agreed to refund the money, which was nice, seeing as all along I have maintained that the two must work together.

So, since this gentleman could not order the proper parts, I called a different branch of the same business (after doing research, first), and the parts are being shipped to me overnight. That will save me about 2 hours in the car!

So … looks like either late Wednesday, or else Thursday morning for the well install. The BEST news, however, is that the rolled tubing straightened out nicely so it looks like it will go down the well without much trouble. Hooray!

Advent continues with new lessons in patience learned!

Note that I am not getting a lot of writing done lately … more on this in a future post.

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