Alternate Ending For My King Arthur Book!

Just last night my daughter gave me an alternative ending for my book. I already had one plotted out, but there were various problems with it, and I was not convinced that it had enough twist or originality.

Our discussion came out of reading James Scott Bell’s book “Plot & Structure in the “Write Great Fiction” series. This is a great book that I highly recommend.

One of the sticking points in our conversation was that I had to explain to her that the King Arthur story constrained me at the end of this book. She wanted to do all sorts of wild things at first but I had to bring her back to the legends.

Once she started thinking within the bounds of the legends (and a few other constraints I laid on her—after all I wasn’t going to rewrite EVERYTHING!), she came up with a doozy of a book ending. It has its own problems, but I think they are possibly easier to work out than the ones I already had.

Not only was it a doozy, but I don’t think this has ever been done in Arthurian literature. I already was taking a unique take on the legends, but this upped the ante significantly.


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