Longing For Jesus

Yesterday we went to church and sang the hymn “Jesus, I Long For Thee”, which was written by John Berridge in the 1700s. Here are the words:

Jesus I long for thee, and sigh for Canaan’s shore.
Thy lovely face to see, and all thy warfare oe’r.
But here, billows break upon my breast, and brooding sorrows steal my rest.

I pant, I groan, I grieve, for my untoiled heart!
How full of doubts I live, though full of grace thou art.
What poor returns, I make to thee, for all thy mercy shown to me!

And, must I ever smart, a child of sorrows here?
Yet, Lord, be near my heart, to soothe each rising tear.
Then at thy bleeding cross I’ll stay, and sweetly weep my life away.

Poignant words to ponder!

Book 1’s progress report: I am now 45% done! Just finished a powerful scene where my main character (Llyneus/Merlin) is chased by some-one or some-thing. No plot spoilers here!